matt urbanski

Shot the horse after the gate has bolted.

Finishing my truck

I own a 1987 Nissan D21 Pickup that I purchased in need of quite a bit of care. I enjoy working on projects that progress is a visible, tangible process. This is one of them. I’m going to use the table below to keep myself honest in getting things done. Feel free to completely ignore it.

Component Price Date Completed
AC $65 7/30/11
Rims/Tires $300 9/9/11
Stereo $200 8/12/11
Antenna $15 8/12/11
Oil $25 7/30/11

TODO: * Tail lights * Dome Light * Power Locks * Alarm * Plugs * Clutch * Carpet * Seats * Dash Swap * Heater Core * Door Panels * Odo/Speedo