matt urbanski

Shot the horse after the gate has bolted.

Presentations and Talks

This serves as a repository of presentations and talks I’ve given in the past at various users’ groups and conferences.

DevopsDays Nairobi talk

On 15 March 2014, Adam Nelson of and I organized the first African DevopsDays, in Nairobi. It was great. The event page is here and more videos on youtube.

Practical Vagrant

Quick introduction to using vagrant that I gave at the 2013 South Africa Scrum Gathering. There is a github repo for the practical part.

Process Isolation: Containers, Chroots, and Virtualization

Internal presentation that I gave to my coworkers about different kinds of virualization and how they work. Notes are in a gist, and the presentation is difficult to follow without them.

Blazing through the Kitchen: An introduction to Opscode Chef

A presentation with an interactive component at the end to get people familiar with Chef concepts and practices. The interactive component is here

Developing Chef Cookbooks a Better Way

A presentation that was used to introduce good patterns in cookbook development using LWRPs and the wrapper library cookbook pattern.